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Is the Bible Reliable?

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Is the Bible a trustworthy book?

Many people will object to the trustworthiness of the Bible. They will say, "the Bible has been translated so many times throughout the centuries that you cannot know for certain what the original author wrote!

This is a fairly common objection that people have when it comes to accepting the Bible as a reliable and trustworthy document. It is based upon a faulty misconception about the transmission of the text down throughout the centuries. Like the childhood telephone game, where someone would whisper in the ear of another person, and then that person would tell someone else, and it would continue down the line until the last person received the message. When the last person is asked to reveal the message, it is no longer the same and has become lost in translation. This is exactly what many people believe about the Bible.

But unlike the telephone game, the Bible has not been translated numerous times over the centuries. The Bible was written in the Koine Greek (New Testament), the Aramaic (part of the book of Daniel), and Hebrew (the rest of the Old Testament) languages.  Today there are in existence over 5338 manuscript copies of the New Testament alone; some dating back as far as 50 years from the original writing. And these manuscripts are used today in translating the modern Bible. Instead of translating the bible from translation after translation, from one century to the next, it is translated once from the historical manuscript copies. As a result, you can be assured that the Bible is dependable, reliable, and worthy of our study. - Pastor Derek